Our service to you is great patient care, but it includes so much more. 

  • In addition to great patient care, we offer unmatched support.  We know the treatment industry and we understand your program's needs.  


  • We are here to support you with an infrastructure for delivering excellent patient care while ensuring that medical services meet the requirements of insurance and state licensing entities. 


  • We know how to work with pharmacies, labs and specialists to improve efficiency and reliability of services. 


  • We train your staff in safety guidelines and protocols to decrease your risk and liability. 


  • We understand how to work with the requirements of various insurance companies to ensure that you are meeting their criteria for reimbursement.


  • We treat patients in all levels of care: Detox, Residential, PHP/IOP and Outpatient.


  • We also work with outpatient therapy groups to provide addiction and psychiatric services.

  • Give us a call, we are happy to discuss the individual needs of your program.

  • We have the capability to service programs in California, Colorado, Texas and Arizona

Is your treatment program interested in working with the best medical team in the industry?  Please give us a call! 760-704-9429 

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